Council of Neighbors

  • Working With Local Businesses

    Working With Local Businesses

    Finding businesses to sponsor your organization or event can help connect your community to the companies within it. There are important factors to consider before reaching out for goods or money. (more…)

  • How to Start a Neighborhood Association

    How to Start a Neighborhood Association

    Neighborhood Associations are usually started because there is a need for members of the community to come together with a purpose in mind. Sometimes this purpose is a concern that needs to be addressed, and sometimes it or it may just be a common goal for improvement. (more…)

  • Ways to Improve Your Neighborhood

    Ways to Improve Your Neighborhood

    Here are some ideas to bring together your community and make it a great place to live! (more…)

  • Working With Your Local Press

    Working With Your Local Press

    A press release is a written communication to the media. It can be used to announce events or stories. The intended purpose it to generate interest. (more…)

  • Coming Together

    Coming Together

    Neighbors who know one another are more likely to feel invested in their community. Here are some ideas for events that will bring your neighbors together. (more…)

Council of Neighbors is dedicated to uniting neighborhoods and communities across the country. CN provides leadership support through guidance and training. We have made it our goal to continuously expand our programs and outreach. CN is here to help you help your community.